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T h e  Y o g a  S p a c e  T o p e k a


Special Workshops & Events 

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Meditation Simplified

March 9, 2024



Meditation is an ancient practice, using various techniques to focus on mind, breath and body integration to calm the mind and nervous system. This workshop will introduce you to some basic concepts of meditation and you will learn fundamental skills necessary to begin or continue a meditation practice. We will start small and simple with basic techniques and breathing, and build as we explore what may be occurring in our lives and how to find balance. No experience necessary. We will be sitting on the floor, but some chairs are available too. Bring a yoga mat if you have one or any other meditation props may have. Led by JD Armstrong and Angela Lexow. $25

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Rhythm + Flow

April 6, 2024



Have you ever wanted to flow uninterrupted to the music during a yoga class? This workshop is a Vinyasa class with a little extra groove! The music will drive our sequence, and our motion will be continuous! We will build poses, linking them with breath and set to the music of one song. The class will be broken down for everyone to learn and at the end we will put it all together without stopping. Some experience with yoga and poses is helpful as the emphasis will be on flow and breath synced to the music. Bring a mat and water. Class will be led by Angela Lexow. $25. Sign up in the app under Events.

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